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ACM Cut Off Wheels
ACM’s Abrasive Cut Off Wheels have been specifically designed for use with ACM Cut Off Machines. No other manufacturer’s line of Cut Off Saws and Wheels provide as many options for cutting such a variety of materials. ACM Products Co. stocks over 30 different abrasive cutting wheels to cut everything from
aluminum to zirconium. ACM’s Cut Off Wheels have been specially formulated to provide as small a burr as possible when cutting wet or dry and what little burr remains can usually be flaked away with a fingertip. The combined usage of ACM Cut Off Saws and Wheels can make follow-up grinding and secondary
finishing a thing of the past. ACM Cut Off Saws and Wheels are specifically designed for the delicate nature of precision cutting and therefore ACM Products Co. only stocks Non-Reinforced Wheels. (Strict safety standards are met with wheel covers and safety shields.) Reinforced wheels have a higher safety rating than Non-Reinforced wheels because they are interwoven with filaments however, they do not cut as cleanly as non-reinforced wheels. Non-reinforced wheels provide a more “finished” cut and what little burr remains is nominal. When used within the proper guidelines (fixed saw base, enclosed wheel covers, and material clamps) non-reinforced wheels are considered safe to use also. Because there are no filaments interwoven into the wheel, this permits the use of much thinner wheels particularly when waste is a factor, or when cutting precious metals. ACM Products Co. stocks wheels as thin as .008” for those critical cutting applications.

Standard stock items come in aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide grits in a rubber or resin bond. To aid in determining the proper wheel for specific cutting applications, please see the following explanations to help in understanding ACM nomenclatures:

4AEG-90-32, 4AUB-120-15, 4CUT-240-08, 5DMC-100-25

The first number (4 or 5) stands for ACM Wheel Diameter in inches.*

The first letter (A, C, or D) stands for the abrasive material:

A= aluminum-oxide C= silicon-carbide D= diamond

The second letter (U, E, or M) stands for the type of bond used to adhere the abrasive material:

U= Rubber E= Resinoid M= Metal

The third letter (B, D, G, H, or T) indicates the hardness of the bond from A to Z. The softer bonds being closer to “A” and the harder bonds being closer to “Z.”

The second number (60, 90, 120, etc.) is the grit size; “60” being the most coarse to “240” being a very fine grit for a smoother finished cut. Coarse grit provides a faster cut, finer grit provides a smother finish (less bur).

The third number (08, 10, 15, etc.) is the wheel thickness in thousandths. ACM stocks Cut Off Wheels in thicknesses from .008 to .062 thousandths. To provide for an even smoother finish, we recommend cutting wet whenever possible.

*Need a Wheel Size Other Than Four or Five Inches? We can custom design an Abrasive Cut Off Wheel To Meet Your Particular Cutting Application.
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