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Four Inch Cut Off Saw

$ 1,595.00


Five Inch Cut Off Saw

$ 1,695.00


Speed Control

$ 135.50


Stop Rod

$ 145.50


Foot Switch

$ 125.50

Prices in Effect 01/01/2013; Subject To Change Without Notice

High-Speed precision saw, ½ H.P., 115V 60-cycle AC-DC motor. Dimensions: 14 inches long, 7 5/8 inches wide, 9 inches high; 4 inch wheel size ( four inch wheels permit a cutting depth of up to ¾ inches.). Net weight: 19 lbs. Shipping weight: 22 lbs. Complete with V- block, and holding clamp.

MODEL ACM-5 CUT-0FF SAW: Same as the ACM-4 but uses a five inch cutting disk (permitting a cutting depth of up to 1 ¼ inches).

47-SC SPEED CONTROL: In some operations, it is not always practical to cut at the maximum speed that the saw operates at: 5,000 RPM. ACM Products offers the 47-SC to operate the saw at the precise cutting speed needed for your particular cutting operation. Simply attach the power cord of the saw into the outlet provided on the speed control, and plug the speed control into any 110 AC outlet. Power to the saw is controlled with a rheostat, allowing the operator to adjust the speed of the saw to suit the application.

Designed to cutting repetitive lengths of up to six inches with extremely tight tolerances. It attaches readily to the the V-block providing a stop and a materials guide that enables “hands- free” cutting.

95-FS FOOT SWITCH: Simply plug the 95-FS foot switch into any 110 AC outlet, then plug the saw into the foot switch. Now you are ready to operate the ACM-4, or ACM-5 “hands-free.” Power to the saw is supplied when the foot switch is pressed, and power is turned off when pressure is removed. The 95-FS may be used with the 47-SC speed control or any other power tool.